AeroPilates prevents back pain

Category: Fitness
Most people at some point in their lives experience an episode of back pain. Typically these episodes occur when least expected causing muscle spasm, nerve compression pain and immobility.
 It is important to become aware of your regular daily movements, especially the ones that cause muscular imbalances and repetitive stress like when sitting too long, lifting without using your core, running on high impact surfaces, shoveling snow! and playing one sided more
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Flatten your Bulging Belly in 7 day

Category: Health

Why is our waistline the most common concern of men and particularly women, especially after 40?

The medical profession uses your hip to waist ratio as a marker for all kinds of diseases including diabetes and as a man, if your waist measures over 40 and for a woman over 35 inches, chances are that you are seriously at risk.

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"Living for Me" daily tips

Category: Motivation
This is the time of the year when everyone worries about fitness and wellbeing. Possibly this stems from guilt from or fear of over indulging during the holidays and neglecting your commitment to self care.
Please don't do that to yourselves and remember that we all deserve to enjoy every moment of every day to the fullest.
Over the years I continue however to find solutions to the daily concerns we face and negative things we do that then dampen our spirit and instill the need for self criticism guilt.

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