Aeropilates to the stress rescue.

Category: Nutrition
It seems that we all understand that stress is an unspoken danger however it wasn’t until I stopped getting my periods and all of a sudden suffered from my first hot flash, first heart palpitations, an unusual inexplicable increase in blood pressure and a rise in serum cholesterol that I truly understood how my body reacts to an overload of stress. Terrified I flew into the ER, was immediately scanned and left being told that I had had my first anxiety attack. The problem was that I was not anxious!! more
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Join my AeroPIlates Video Fitness Club

Category: Lifestyle
Please go ahead and view our introduction to the Video Fitness Club! more
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Sciatica the most pesky lower back problem

Category: Hot Topics
Can you fix your Sciatica easily on your AeroPilates reformer by paying attention and stretching out the tightness of your Psoas and the Piriformis muscles ? YES YES YES.... more
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Why would you choose the 5 cord reformer over the others?

Category: Fact or Fiction


People  ask me all the time which AeroPilates reformer to buy and my answer is always thesame.

Everyone of our great machines functions the same way to give you amazinglyefficient toning, sculpting, strengthening and weight loss even though they areeach unique in their width or number of cords. more

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Motion Sickness and AeroPilates

Category: Wellness Wise
Very occasionally one in thousands of customers might write to me about feeling slightly dizzy while jumping on their AeroPilates reformer. more
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