Aeropilates to the stress rescue.

Category: Nutrition
It seems that we all understand that stress is an unspoken danger however it wasn’t until I stopped getting my periods and all of a sudden suffered from my first hot flash, first heart palpitations, an unusual inexplicable increase in blood pressure and a rise in serum cholesterol that I truly understood how my body reacts to an overload of stress. Terrified I flew into the ER, was immediately scanned and left being told that I had had my first anxiety attack. The problem was that I was not anxious!! more
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Join my AeroPIlates Video Fitness Club

Category: Lifestyle
Please go ahead and view our introduction to the Video Fitness Club! more
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Join my AeroPIlates Video Fitness Club

Category: Hot Topics
Please go ahead and view our introduction to the Video Fitness Club! more
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Choosing your reformer

Category: Fact or Fiction
Will every AeroPilates reformer allow me to perform the same gentle safe workout and get the same effective results? more
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Stretch your way to freedom

Category: Wellness Wise
Stretching has long been considered the panacea for a tight, tired and lackluster body. If you have taken a yoga class you no doubt understand how much more fluid and energized your body feels because all your muscles are elongated and your joints feel open and free. In most traditional exercise strength training programs the stretching component is considered essential but is often omitted.
Aeropilates magically incorporates stretching within the workout to efficiently strengthen and elongate at the same time. For example in Hug a Tree your chest is opening as you extend your arms and strengthening as you pull forward.  There are also many exercises that can be done to target specific stiffness in your arms, legs and back. more
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