Why would you choose the 5 cord reformer over the others?

Posted by Marjolein Brugman on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why one might consider the 5 cord machine is for the following reasons.

We developed the 5 cord machine to accommodate all the customers who were over the 300lb limit of our original reformers and needed to lose weight and build strength safely and easily. It thus became a wider more luxurious platform with additional resistance, a wider standing platform to improve balance with a unique weight limit of 350lbs. In the industry this is unusual, where most home fitness equipment can only withstand 250lbs.

Now larger people who probably have pre-diabetes and other health issues, can lie on their backs, protect their aching knees and backs, lose weight and tone safely, quickly and privately.

This is not to say that our more accommodating 5 cord reformer is not a choice for anyone who simply loves AeroPilates! In fact most people who got in at an entry level price point on one of our smaller 3 cord machines have upgraded to get the new improved luxuries on the 5 cord. With new DVD's that include extra standing work you can more effectively improve your balance, co-ordination and posture. This machine is also able to accommodate the Ballet Barre which takes your Pilates training into the standing position to improve balance and core strength.

But the best thing about the 5 cord AeroPilates reformer is the yellow cord. At .5 the resistance of the original black cord the true AeroPilates aficionado can now more profoundly strengthen their core and get deeper into joints and muscles than ever before.

If you have a 3 or 4 cord machine and are not yet ready to upgrade to 5 cords then at least go to http://aeropilates.com and purchase the yellow cord; switch it out for a black on so that you have red, black and yellow on your reformer and watch your whole body transform faster and so much more.





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