Is AeroPilates safe if you have Glaucoma?

Posted by Marjolein Brugman on Friday, October 21, 2016

I was recently asked to advise on the benefits of AeroPilates for glaucoma patients.

Since Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve any moderate  exercise that improves overall health and circulation in the body and regulates blood pressure is recommended.

Studies have shown that Intraocular pressure is reduced in patients who exercise regularly. (

AeroPilates is definitely considered to be a moderate exercise regimen unlike many other more vigorous systems that increase free radical release or that add pressure to eye.

Please always check with your doctor before performing any exercise program but here are a few important things to be aware of when doing AeroPIlates with Glaucoma.

1.   Exhale from the mouth during maximum exertion to avoid a build up of pressure in the head.

2.   Do not hold your breath when beginning or ending an exercise

3.   Avoid all inverted poses like The Elephant, Knee Stretch round back

4.   Use the head and neck support pillow or a raised headrest when jumping on the cardio rebounder.





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