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Stretching for Vitality

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In today's chaotic, stress-filled world, a little exercise goes a long way to adding joy and vitality to your day. If you do nothing else, at least find 10 minutes to slowly stretch your whole body. Stretch to your full extension, relax in that position by exhaling into the stretch and then stretch a little more. more

Marjolein's Thoughts

It's been quite a while since I made an entry on this page.
Being inspired to inspire others is nothing I take for granted. Some days I have lots of energy to share but lately that hasn't been true. 
This week I have 3 unexpected wonderful airings on QVC. Tuesday March 8th at 1am, 3pm and 7pm. Since your best summer body is made in the Spring I want to encourage you to get back on your reformer; stretch and strengthen that tired winter body and begin to feel uplifted and proud again.
The kids and I are then indulging in some beach time on the Baja where the whales are swimming, the turtles are hatching and the sun is warm.
Boston has had a mild winter compared to last year but I am still tired of feeling the cold and needing to wear layers of down. The daffodils are peeking out and the squirrels seem less frantic. Before we know it we will be wanting to don our bathing suits and shed our clothes so preparing your body, mind and soul for that moment is essential.
Begin with 5 minutes of rebounding a day. Change the cords as you add another 5 minutes until you are jumping for 20.
Every other day pick a Pilates DVD and finish the routine. In a few weeks your energy will restore and you will notice the difference.
This evening I am hosting an event at a wonderful, local business brilliantly conceived of by Benedicte Mubarak where she gathers rubble from worn torn countries and teaches handicapped, underprivileged and homeless people to convert it into beautiful home decor. Since we have hundreds of thousands of homeless teenagers we plan to donate a portion of the proceeds to our local shelter for kids; Youth on Fire
Take a look at her website and perhaps you will find a unique gift for a special someone while supporting and donating to wonderful charities.
I hope you call in this week to share your story of success with our viewers or simply add it here at
Let's celebrate Spring and remember to be grateful for all that you have.
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