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Lower back and hip pain is mostly from a tight Psoas and Piriformis

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Can you fix your lower back pain easily on your AeroPilates reformer by paying attention to the tightness of the  Psoas and the Piriformis muscles ? YES YES YES.... more

The 10 minute revival workout

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If you truly only have a few minutes I recommend that you perform the following exercises on your AeroPilates machine to restore your balance, posture and form. more

My Journey To Wellness

It is always a sad day when the local school bus pulls in around the cul de sac marking the end of another summer.
This one was uniquely delicious in many ways: 
My sister Marieke visited from Australia overlapping with a short return from Louis who was on break from a year in the outback, Skylar's visit home and of course my Dad's regular overseas jaunt. 
The weather never failed to be perfect: sunny, dry and crisp with beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets; light that inspired me to want to paint.
I hosted my first LighterLiving retreat with participants from all over the country reflecting on the ways in which we can become more mindful in all facets of life including our body mind and soul. 
On a mission to take more time for myself I bought a light weight Hurricane kayak in which I explored lagoons, rivers and coves to discover pristine places only inhabited by birds, crabs, fish and other water animals and only accessible by tiny boat. There is no better way to meditate, appreciate and satiate!
After promising to play tennis for the last 2 years I very much enjoyed taking lessons and learning a new two handed back hand with an innovative Wilson racquet that exposed my once state of the art Prince as totally outdated and old fashioned.
At 60 one might suggest that it is late to begin kayaking and playing tennis or golf but I came to experience that AeroPilates has served me well. A strong core, a true sense of correct movement and a level of flexibility together with a tiny bit of gumption is all it takes to feel young and vital at any age.
I hope I may continue to inspire those of you who have given in to your aches and pains from aging wear and tear, to get up off the couch and do some form of gentle movement daily to realign your spine, strengthen your core and increase your flexibility. more
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