Demystifying your AeroPilates choice

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Over the years I have sold name different Aeropilates reformers and while we try to clarify the differences between each one, we realize that choosing may become a confusing decision. Here I will try to simplify the process.

The first consideration is often price. Being a newcomer to the Aeropilates journey you may be reticent to buy the most expensive unit. It is for this reason that we try to offer an entry level machine at a lower price point.  You can rest assured that every reformer today includes the patented revolutionary cardio rebounder, a footbar, an assortment of instructional DVD's and will provide the same gentle and safe workout with fast and effective results and as you read further you will be better able to discern your preferences in terms of which features, accessories and upgrades to buy. All reformers accommodate the Stand, the Box and Pole, the Head and Neck Support Pillow and the Red and Yellow cord packs.

Space and storage may be a consideration. All of our home reformers are the same length requiring 7 feet in length and 3 feet in width to be able to perform the exercises. They are made of tough steel to provide a lifetime of sturdy wear and tear and have a hinge in the center and wheels on the end to allow you to fold them in half and move them out of the way. We also offer a few more commercial units that are off the ground and unable to be folded. If you are a Pilates aficionado with a designated space for a large immobile reformer then you might choose between the 556 which has bungee cord resistance or the 557 which uses metal springs.

The biggest differentiation in our home reformers lies in the levels of resistance. Over the years we have offered 3, 4 and 5 cord units; lately also offering cords with variable resistance including black equivalent to 1, red = 1.5 and yellow = .5. More resistance allows a strong person to be able to strengthen and train their larger mobilizing muscles like the quads, biceps and triceps.  Since the resistance on the reformer provides support for the core muscles it is also true that less resistance works to strengthen the deeper stabilizing muscles like your abdominals and psoas.

Our 5 cord reformers not only allow more variable resistance levels for the stronger user but have more width and hold up to 350lbs while the less wide reformers hold 300lbs.

On our recent range of Plus reformers we have upgraded the quality of the wheels, the pulleys, the cording and the way in which the straps are adjusted. On some reformers we add high end features like a larger standing platform, a larger rebounder and faux fur grips on the handles. Pulley risers on the head end of the reformer allow height adjustment of the straps to adjust the angle and may be switched for our Pull-up Bar accessory that focuses on the arms, chest and upper back.

Occasionally we add accessories that are normally only available as an added purchase. These include the Head and Neck Support pillow, a $30 value; the Pull-up Bar, $44; the Magic Circle, $25; the Floor mat, $37; the Red cord pack, $24; the Yellow cord, $17 and the Stand, $120. Every reformer comes with an assortment of  instructional DVD's , $25 and which may include a very basic Primer DVD for the beginner who may feel intimidated, Levels 1, 2, or 3 Pure Pilates; Levels 1, 2 or 3 Integrated to cross train from the footbar to the rebounder; Levels 1, 2 or 3 Cardio Rebounding; Stretching, Strength and Stamina and Fat Burning. 

If you are new to AeroPilates and unsure as to whether you will become a lifer I urge you to buy an entry level, low price point unit on easy pay and with the 30 day money back guarentee. If you know you will love AeroPilates in your life then I urge you to consider a reformer with risers and all the bells and whistles. Adding accessories is easy and may be done as you progress. Should you have any further question or concerns feel free to call Customer Service at 800-375-7520. or email me at


Looking for a fun way to make some extra cash?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

My long time girl friend Diane shared her passion about a new business venture, recently founded by Tara who has sold over 15 million sets of her Temptations stoneware on QVC. I have been admiring her beautifully hand crafted line of affordable, oven to table, all temperature kitchen ware for over 13 years. 

Excitingly Tara is expanding her home shopping business model to include direct selling of a new kitchenware line through the most congenial venue: the 'at home gathering'

Imagine a fun ladies night out with all your friends; drinking, dining, cooking, laughing and chatting. You get to use, see and experience the dishes and inspire your guests to buy. The shopping is easy and efficient; done quickly on line and a week later the swag arrives at their home. 

I attended one such party and was immediately moved to throw the next one. In exchange I was gifted free dishes. WOW! The stoneware is pretty yet practical and I love how it transitions seamlessly from the fridge to the oven to the table. It reminds me of the Tupperware parties my Mum used to have in the early 60's in Australia and it inspired me to consider Tara at Home as another way to fulfill my mission to empower women all over the world to feel more confident, accomplished, independent and worthwhile.

As women most of us love to congregate with friends and family to share food and create memories.

Tara's intention is exactly that: to bring friends and family together around the table and since we all do this everyday any way, why not earn some money at the same time?

When I perform AeroPIlates I know many people say' "OK for you, you are fit...I could never get my feet up there!". Quickly you learn that once you try it is easier than you thought. The same is true of running your own business. The company offers tons of support in training and marketing and provides a back office to help you track your orders. And the cost to join is less than the value of the dishes you are gifted. 

Maybe it is time for you to consider a new project and if this has peeked your interest please reach out to me at and let's get together and create new ways to better your life filling it with more success and financial freedom.





Inspiration is sometimes lacking

Saturday, March 5, 2016
It's been quite a while since I made an entry on this page.
Being inspired to inspire others is nothing I take for granted. Some days I have lots of energy to share but lately that hasn't been true. 
This week I have 3 unexpected wonderful airings on QVC. Tuesday March 8th at 1am, 3pm and 7pm. Since your best summer body is made in the Spring I want to encourage you to get back on your reformer; stretch and strengthen that tired winter body and begin to feel uplifted and proud again.
The kids and I are then indulging in some beach time on the Baja where the whales are swimming, the turtles are hatching and the sun is warm.
Boston has had a mild winter compared to last year but I am still tired of feeling the cold and needing to wear layers of down. The daffodils are peeking out and the squirrels seem less frantic. Before we know it we will be wanting to don our bathing suits and shed our clothes so preparing your body, mind and soul for that moment is essential.
Begin with 5 minutes of rebounding a day. Change the cords as you add another 5 minutes until you are jumping for 20.
Every other day pick a Pilates DVD and finish the routine. In a few weeks your energy will restore and you will notice the difference.
This evening I am hosting an event at a wonderful, local business brilliantly conceived of by Benedicte Mubarak where she gathers rubble from worn torn countries and teaches handicapped, underprivileged and homeless people to convert it into beautiful home decor. Since we have hundreds of thousands of homeless teenagers we plan to donate a portion of the proceeds to our local shelter for kids; Youth on Fire
Take a look at her website and perhaps you will find a unique gift for a special someone while supporting and donating to wonderful charities.
I hope you call in this week to share your story of success with our viewers or simply add it here at
Let's celebrate Spring and remember to be grateful for all that you have.

Sleep and its undeniable importance

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
There is much information about the benefits of eight hours of sleep and more written about the consequences of its lack.
We all know that exercise helps to keep out bodies in top form however nothing helps more than a good night's sleep. AeroPilates is proven to reform your body and de-stress your mind but what is the point if you miss out on the restoration of bones, muscles and mind that occurs while sleeping?
Menopause can be a grave cause of insomnia but maybe it is simply your pillow.
Mostly when shopping for a pillow one looks for comfort. I have seen people in the pillow store try to place their head on the pillow, looking to feel their head sink in and while it is important that your 10 pound head feels nurtured it is more important that the vertebrae in your neck curve have a surface to support them or else they deflect to find one; causing stiffness, tightness and pain.
Very few pillows both cradle and support while remaining consistent throughout the night as you move in your sleep.
Finally the european company Dormeo found a way to combine the airiness and support of a traditional spring with the coziness of memory foam to create the brilliantly patented Octaspring.
Each Octaspring is a honeycomb shaped unit which moves, deflects, supports and dissipates air consistently and reliably.
Imagine the outer edges of your pillow made with a row of slightly firmer octasprings and the inner section made with rows of softer more pliable octasprings to provide the perfect surface for your head to sink and your neck to be cradled. The result is a pillow made up of 35 foam springs perfectly placed to conform to your body as you unconsciously move throughout the night. 
If you suspect that your pillow may be affecting the quality of your sleep I recommend that you use the 30 day money back guarentee offered by QVC to give it a go.

Pilates while you sleep

Monday, June 8, 2015
I am an advocate of good posture in every thing you do but, especially while you stand, sit and lie down. 
AeroPilates magically reforms and rebalances your posture by lengthening tight muscles and strengthening weak ones which then transfers into your body during every movement you make during your waking hours but what is happening while you sleep?
Most of you know that for many years I developed and represented an amazing line of bedding called Naturesleep.
It was truly the first mattress company to recognize that our spine is not flat and therefore the sleep surface upon which we spend 8 hours a day needs to support the curves. It did so by using different densities of foam under the head, shoulders, hips and legs.
Today people beg for a mattress to replace their old Naturesleep topper and now finally it exists.
This week on Wednesday night Rick and I will launch the new Octaspring brand starting with the Evolution pillow.
Octaspring is made by a European company called Dormeo which uses high quality Italian eco-friendly memory foam to shape an octagonal honey comb shaped spring that has eight times the airflow of traditional foam. Thus a soft cradling effect that is also truly supportive and cool.
I am very excited as I have never been a supporter of the original memory foam.
i know that buying a pillow is like finding the right pair of clippers! I must have tried at least 12 different brands of garden clippers until I finally found Felco.
This will be the last pillow you buy.
Watch the show and email me with your comments, questions and thoughts: of course you can call in too.
See you on the Q, Wednesday night.

Aging et al

Friday, May 8, 2015
I am in AUSTRALIA visiting my son who chose last year to attend an amazing boarding school in the beautiful Victorian mountains, called Timertop.

After living in a very basic unit with 15 other lads, chopping wood daily for the hot water burner, scrubbing their own toilets and hiking 100 miles across the Aussie bush all year he, needless to say, bonded with his mates and wanted to stay.

"Proud", is an understatement of how I feel about him and now the next unbearable decision....should he stay or should he come home to finish high school at one of the all time great Cambridge schools?

While I missed him terribly  I believe it is my job to make my kid's dreams come true. As when Skye asked if she could go to Tawain to become a tea ceremony master I barely blinked and said, "yes".

My Dad is turning 92 this week and has over the last months, since he left Massachusetts, been feeling poorly.

I learned something amazing about aging this week when I got to spend a couple of days in my old bed. It didn't take long for him to perk up, stand taller, loose his raspy voice and feel way less pain. Having me around filled the loneliness void, left, after my Mum passed. 

My oh my how easily the mind sets the tone for the body. A few mornings of Pilates, a couple of fun dinners filled with old friends and laughter, some walks to the park and many bear hugs transformed him into the 70 year old he was only months earlier.

It's a lesson in mind over matter and while we all learn to take loneliness in our stride as we age, make sure you stay firm in the resolve that a little gentle movement and a few good friends can keep you feeling younger and healthier than you ever thought possible.

I fly home Tuesday straight to QVC for my airings on the 14th at 1 am and 8 pm. That gorgeous 4 cord pastel lilac or cream reformer is going quickly so don't wait if you want to unleash your younger, fresher body for the summer.

if you've read this and have some motivating insights to share I hope you call in to the shows and talk to me. 

PS they say New England is finally warm and sunny.....I'll have to see it to believe it.
Oh and by the way Happy Mother's Day to all women who nurture and love anyone.

4 cord beauty for Spring training

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Last week we launched a new 4 cord reformer in the most beautiful spring colors; only soft lavender, and creamy butter on the black frame remain. 2 more shows this weekend 4/18 at 1am and 7pm will probably sell the rest of the stock and we will need to get inspired with new summer colors. 

The notion that color on fitness machines might enhance one's motivation to work out was first discussed last year and has proven to be absolutely real. Feel free to share your ideas.

Why not have beautiful reformers? It reminded me of the very first reformer I ever bought back in 1995; a big, expensive, commercial machine that took up the entire spare bedroom but it was peach colored and I loved it.

I still have it as a relic in my attic but never use it now in favor of my smaller, more compact yet equally effective AeroPIlates reformer. The rebounder is the innovative key to a workout unsurpassed. 

Spring is a great time to reform your body, mind and soul. Just like the trees, birds and flowers that return to life after the winter hibernation we should do the same.

 May 1st is my 61st birthday so for me this is always the time to reevaluate everything and this year I am considering the following:
* a new dress form to drape fabric and create some fanciful summer dresses
* drinking lemon water every morning
* weekly infrared sauna sessions
* lighter, less cooked food
* longer breaks from alcohol/wine
* varying my movement programs
* juicing
* planting my vegetable garden
* re-roofing the house
* playing more tennis
* seeing more theater
* planning summer concerts
* drinking more fresh herbal tea

I would be honored if you will also share your spring tips for a lighter life.


Your Winter posture needs a tweak now that it's Spring

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
We had over 112 inches of snow in the Northeast this winter and I believe that I shoveled at least 109 of them!
Sadly, for most who suffer but fortunately for the chiropractors and drug stores in town, shoveling snow causes the highest incidence of lower back injury in colder climates.
When you think about it snow is heavy and a shovel has a long handle meaning that all the weight is very far away from the strong core stabilizing muscles in your body, the ones whose job it is to push, bend, lift and throw.
Despite your possiblly massive upper body strength it is a weaker, strained core that becomes the  culprit and causes the damage.
By the end of February I had learned many a lesson and thinking that you may also be able to apply them to spring gardening I want to share them:
* Start early and shovel frequently to prevent heavy build up
* Change hands every 3 bends to prevent repetitive stress on one side
* Shorten the length of the shovel you use to "shorten the lever" which makes the lifting easier.
* Use a strong but light shovel
* Use a metal shovel and avoid lifting by push the snow equally with both sides of your body to a designated depository
* Jump for 10 minutes on your AeroPilates reformer to ensure that your muscles are warm before you brave the cold temps and grueling task. 
* Pace yourself
* When you lift make sure you bend your knees to squat with your feet apart and keep your back straight.
* Lift with your legs and do not bend at the waist
* Try to throw the snow in front and not to the side to avoid a twisting injury.
* Strengthen your core on your AeroPilates reformer with the daily Hundred, 
* Lengthen your hamstrings with a daily Elephant series to keep your lower back free 
* Strengthen your obliques with the Mermaid
* Pay attention to how you sit or drive to maintain a neutral spine and keep your postural muscles strong

Finding love in 140 characters

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I recently elected to have minor abdominal surgery and in preparation for weeks of immobility I personally hung my bedroom TV that I never watch, high on the wall, and researched some entertaining TV programs to fill my rarely indulged downtime.


I first watched Gran Hotel: a romantically inspired, Spanish spoken series filmed at the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander set in an early 20thcentury aristocratic hotel during the reign of King Alfonso X11. The story unveils mystery after mystery and unending intrigue that involves the deeply conniving owners and their lower class staff.


I was immediately hooked. Julio the frightfully handsome young waiter who falls in love with the gorgeous, elegant Alicia; inspired the revival of a project I began last year, to explore handsome men and what makes them attractive.  (Handsome Men Blog)


The next series to catch my attention was Girlfriends’ guide to Divorce, followed by House of Cards and lastly Californication. 


As a result of this intensely serial exposure to TV at its best I have begun to alter some of my more conservative ideas about love, marriage, commitment and loyalty plus pondered the human dilemma and become even more intrigued about what is attractive or not in a partner, lover, friend and playmate.


Humanness is flawed by what appears to be a universal fear of vulnerability. I guess the instinctive need to be loved and the incorrigible fight to survive makes us follow our urges despite the impact our actions may have on those who love and care for us.  


The desire for truth, and the need to be right often overrides the empathy that we should share with each other based on understanding another person’s “humanness”. We tend to demand the truth, I think, because it supports our ability to trust our gut feelings but when we hear what we knew but hoped wasn’t the case, we react, accuse and run away. 

Despite knowing how much it hurts to be lied to we still distort the facts when we perceive that we might lose love from that other person. 


My children are 27 and 14. While I have raised them to be confident, opinionated people with a sense of great possibility I fear that while love and relationship are hopefully the same, the way in which we show love , commit and communicate is completely askew.


I fear that people have become commitment phobic. With instant connection websites like Tinder we can, in a second on a whim, dial up a human being like we order sushi.


Communication is executed through email, texting, tweeting  and Emojiing.


Couples sit together in restaurants looking at their phones. Sadly I wonder whether romance is dead. I tried recently to have a serious conversation with my partner who never put his I-pad down and continued to pretend to listen while he read!


Meeting the right person and getting to know them is vetted by a photo and Facebook profile. There is nothing left to chance and God forbid should we try to have a face-to-face conversation! Love is a string of experimental instant gratifications with easy “outs” and trite excuses. Do we even understand any more what  we want or more importantly what is satisfying, inspiring or fulfilling?


Are privacy and intimacy a thing of the recent past? Do I really care what you ate for dinner or that your dog sat on the sofa?

Have our cell phones replaced expression of our feelings? 


In my day we compared ourselves to real life people in real life situations but today we are bombarded by the faux happiness that we dump on each other. Look where I am, see how wonderful my life seems, compare yourself to my fake selfie……I worry for my children trying to find deep fulfillment in this instant, illusionary world.

Fortunately last year my 14 year old decided, of his own volition, to give up X-box, texts, phones and photo snapping in exchange for living in the wilderness, chopping wood to stoke the unit boiler, face to face connection with friends, survival in the wild, team support and old fashioned pen to paper letter writing.


I can’t deny that I am so proud of him and continue to trust that all of us will soon remember that there is nothing more heart warming  than the real connection that comes with sharing a meal, looking into the eyes of your conversation partner and listening, the slow undistracted getting to know you process and finding love in relationships that we are willing to fight for, work on and sustain; whatever it takes.

Getting inspired to live our dream

Friday, February 27, 2015
The long snowy, blustery, cold winter, devoid of sunshine has left most of us in the Northeast, with the blahs.
Yesterday, I awoke early to flurries of more snow and I remembered that the only one who could lift my spirits was me, so I donned my snow boots and made the trek out to the Boston waterfront to the Institute of Contemporary Art looking for some inspiration.
An eye opening exhibition of southern artists who probably had no formal training and were most likely socially marginalized, it allowed me to explore the relationship between my own desire to make art and what is commonly recognized as acceptable modern art expression. Aren't we all artists configuring our minds, bodies, souls and lives to tell our story?
The exhibition culled together black culture and history with a naive rawness that one sees in children's art and it revived my confidence to try again.
I left feeling freshly excited and rejuvenated and today with the sun finally shining I am carrying the feeling forward into hopes of Spring and Summer blossoming.
It is experiences such as this that we must engage in often. To wonder about what stands in the way of living a creative and extraordinary life is essential in order to be happy.
Next week on Tuesday night I will again be on QVC at 7pm and it makes me ponder how one more time I might be able to make a unique difference? 
My life coach once said that "the only thing that prevents one from living the dream is the conversations we are afraid to have."
Rosalee Brown says, "summer bodies are made in the winter." Hmm!
So what are you waiting for? What conversations are you avoiding? What stands in your way of expressing yourself? What are you afraid of and what have you got to lose?
Can you live your dream? Of course you can: first you have to identify it, speak it, then make a commitment to attain it and lastly, simply take one step towards making it happen.
If a happier, healthier body is your dream then please try AeroPilates. One month and I promise an enormous change in how you approach your life.
There is no other program in my opinion that takes care of my mind, my body and soul like this one.
Share your thoughts and watch me on Tuesday night with Dan Wheeler; call in to share and inspire and let's see if we can't all get one step closer to living our dream.
Springtime cannot come soon enough so let's be ready to emerge.


Snow, snow and more snow

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Thank God for my AeroPilates reformer!
Mainly because my back has survived shoveling over 90" of snow.
While I always think that it might prove to be a new workout, I am always shocked to find how taxing it is on my upper body and lower back.
If you live in Florida and the like,(a dig for Paula and all my other friends who recently moved there), know that I have had serious sunshine envy since I returned from Hawaii on Christmas day!
I also know that come Spring I will remember why I live in the North east.....maybe!!
The other Godsend in this weather is that I can get a more effective cardio workout without pounding a pavement covered in ice and snow nor exposing my face and skin to the - 10 degree brutality of this wretched winter.
Yes it is beautifully sparkly and fairy-like after a snow storm especially when the sun decides to peek out however in my neighborhood where there is no more room to pile the pretty, white, fluffy stuff; tempers are raging and moods are depressed. 
Meanwhile at QVC I am told I have very few of my While Supplies Last 5 cord reformers left. The Benediction Purple are all gone and only Peacock Blue and Black remain.
I adore this machine: 5 cords including my well respected Yellow Cord, wider standing platform for the Balance work, new DVD's and at a price I won't ever be able to repeat.
If you have truly been watching, wondering and waiting I urge you to at least give this one a try for 30 days, sign into my Jumpstart Program and see how quickly your face smiles and your whole body, including that niggly back, begins to hum and purr with gratitude for the small relief you have given it.
Join me this weekend on Feb 21st at 2am with Amy, then 22nd at 1am with Gabrielle. If there are any left I may have one more appearance in March but I sincerely doubt it.
Here's to finally seeing the crocuses.

"Living for ME" for 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015
With a stellar start to the year, promising to focus every day on a little bit more self care, I wanted to share my progress hoping to inspire you to do the same.

QVC bounced into 2015 with a similar theme through their "Living for Me" initiative, where hosts share their own personal wellness journey from Rookie, Mary DeAngelis who struggles to even begin a routine, Jayne Brown the Optimist who began but struggles to stay motivated through to Diehard Albany Irvin who likes to be challenged but must be careful not to over do it and hurt herself.

I decided to embrace the concept as a time to be kinder to myself; to give to others with more discernment, to make sure that I take the time daily to regenerate, to find down time with friends and family, to enhance my diet and exercise program with more joy, more home cooked meals, more laughter and much more play. 

I urge you to give up all notions of guilt about how little you exercise or how badly you eat and simply make a daily decision to take control of your total body wellness with one simple positive step. 

Last show this month tomorrow night with Albany at QVC US at 9pm and then onto Canada on Saturday for the Showstopper on Sunday.

Because of my commitment in Canada I will miss the Living for Me:Fit and Fabulous event on Saturday 1/17 but I will be there in spirit cheering you on to have the best year ever and to become the best all around you possible.


My intention for 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Today I am leaving Italy where many new people became converted to the revolutionary body and mind changing results of using AeroPilates to improve they way they move and accomplish their fitness goals.
Even though my shows require an interpreter, the profound benefits of the system are not lost in translation.
The live, accolading testimonials from originally skeptical women who took a chance and purchased over the last year supported all the things I try to convey that AeroPilates is a simple and fun solution to the many life concerns we all face. Once incorporated as a daily practice you feel and look so much better that it is hard to imagine life without it.
Tonight is New Year's Eve and I will be on the air in London introducing for the first time our beautiful colored reformers and excited to share once again how AeroPilates has affected my life for the last 20 years. In 3 days I will repeat the pleasure in the US and later in the month in Canada.
As 2014 ends I can reflect on my many blessings, including a stronger body, a never ending more enlightened spirit and an almost constant peace of mind!
I wish you all a very wonderful 2015, filled with joy, contentment, abundance on every level and massively increased vibrance and health.
In the coming months we look forward to the Lighterliving website facelift, a new video fitness club and an AeroPilates app to customize your daily workout. 
I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and allowing me to share in your exciting, on going and sometimes challenging wellness journey.
In anticipation of yet another year filled with love, gratitude, good fortune, fine friends and loads of fun, please remember how special you are and that you deserve only the very best.

Another important year is ending

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Hola from sunny Mexico.

You probably know that my son Louis chose to spend the year in Australia attending an incredibly life-changing out back program and so in the blink of an eye I suddenly had more time.

I also turned 60 so inadvertently it naturally became a time for more reflection.

This has occurred in many ways: physically I have had to revisit the consequences of the old injury that occurred in the accident I had back in 1995. 

The impact of the car severley tilted and twisted my pelvis and shattered the top of my femur. Without AeroPilates I would not be as active as I am today however the imbalance caused by lower body muscles trying to compensate finally took its toll. 

Fortunately my reformer is my best teacher. With vigilant focus on symmetry and balance during every exercise I have an even deeper sense of body awareness than ever, discovering weak and tight muscles and mechanical imbalances that to the naked eye are invisible. 

Over the next 12 months I plan to concentrate on writing about the subtle brilliance of Joe Pilates's reformer work to help you improve your movement patterns so as to age without pain.

I am in Mexico for a month so of course I brought my AeroPilates reformer with me! While there are a few Pilates mat classes in the area there is no-one with a reformer. People are fascinated and impressed with the workout and mostly with how they feel after. 

I am relaxing, writing the LighterLiving Lessons book I promised to write years ago and working on new ways to make your AeroPilates workout more accessible and fun.

I will be on QVC in the UK at the end of December with an AeroPilates TSV and in the US Jan 3rd at 11pm with a brand new peacock blue option.

I hope you all have wonderful holidays and stay tuned for my newsletter and 2015 schedule.

Con Cuidado (with care)

Core strength is imperative to good posture and correct movement

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
It is always a sad day when the local school bus pulls in around the cul de sac marking the end of another summer.
This one was uniquely delicious in many ways: 
My sister Marieke visited from Australia overlapping with a short return from Louis who was on break from a year in the outback, Skylar's visit home and of course my Dad's regular overseas jaunt. 
The weather never failed to be perfect: sunny, dry and crisp with beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets; light that inspired me to want to paint.
I hosted my first LighterLiving retreat with participants from all over the country reflecting on the ways in which we can become more mindful in all facets of life including our body mind and soul. 
On a mission to take more time for myself I bought a light weight Hurricane kayak in which I explored lagoons, rivers and coves to discover pristine places only inhabited by birds, crabs, fish and other water animals and only accessible by tiny boat. There is no better way to meditate, appreciate and satiate!
After promising to play tennis for the last 2 years I very much enjoyed taking lessons and learning a new two handed back hand with an innovative Wilson racquet that exposed my once state of the art Prince as totally outdated and old fashioned.
At 60 one might suggest that it is late to begin kayaking and playing tennis or golf but I came to experience that AeroPilates has served me well. A strong core, a true sense of correct movement and a level of flexibility together with a tiny bit of gumption is all it takes to feel young and vital at any age.
I hope I may continue to inspire those of you who have given in to your aches and pains from aging wear and tear, to get up off the couch and do some form of gentle movement daily to realign your spine, strengthen your core and increase your flexibility.

Yoga on the deck

Sunday, July 13, 2014
My sister Marieke is visiting me from Australia where she teaches and practices yoga daily.
With my regular AeroPilates routine I have somehow overlooked the benefits of yoga on my mind, body and spirit but this week she has been teaching every morning and I have been awed by the profound way in which I can see with an inner eye, the intricacies of how my body responds to the gentle stretching and nurturing of the different asanas.
Working on a reformer in a sense replaces the need to look internally. The support of the platform while lying down and the alignment of my body as I push away from the foot bar does the work for me. In yoga as I assume a position I need to become vigilantly aware of what I am doing so as not to injure myself in the way that my girl friend did today by over stretching from an incorrect position.
Like the floor mat Pilates routine, yoga leaves you to protect your body by mindfully paying attention to how it feels as you prepare and perform each move.
Perhaps this is why I love the reformer so is simply safer and much more fun.

Accidents will happen

Monday, June 23, 2014
I constantly tout the benefits of AeroPilates for the prevention and healing of injury but lately it seems that despite my pretty fit 60 year old body I have recently been accident prone.
Last February, in a rare state of nervous anxiety I broke my right middle finger while cleaning up a chocolate milk spill in the back of the car, sadly after saying good bye to my 13 year old son who had worked hard to get accepted into the Geelong Grammar Timbertop program for the next 12 months.
Furiously maneuvering a big heavy wet towel with thoughts of terror as it finally hit me that I was leaving my youngest at a mountain boarding school and would not be able to contact him other than via international post for the next 12 months I clearly was not in my body so to speak!
"No matter how much he wanted to go, how could a mother actually allow it?", was my devastating thought!
All of a sudden the tendon came loose and my last joint was dangling. Needless to say hospital, X-ray and the diagnosis of a 'mallet finger.'
This last month while walking in the dark, after midnight, down some stairs to turn off lights that had been accidentally left on, I missed the last step turned my foot and crack...a broken right metatarsal.
Then last week while in Italy my I-phone came crashing down face first onto concrete...smashed I-Phone screen.
While the similarity of all 3 accidents lies in the lack of mindfulness at each event I am happy to say that a broken "finger, foot and fone makes 3! Can I trust that the bad luck is over? I'll let you know!!
After great QVC visits to UK and Italy with a broken foot today I will go on air once again to demo my ever favorite AeroPilates system knowing that who ever buys will be quickly reformed and transformed in body mind and soul. Call in to share your stories and wish me luck that No more breakages occur.

Turning 60

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
It was the end of 1995 when I was out running early one morning on a back, dirt, Santa Fe road when I bent down to tie my loose shoe lace and got hit by a car, whose driver was a concerned Mum, turning around to attend to her crying baby in the back seat.

This event would forever change my life and today, 19 years later, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to look adversity in the eye and make the most of what at the time seemed like the end of life as I had known it.
A 3-month rehab stint ignited a new passion for independence and a motivation to share with others that our body is our temple and supporting its well being is our responsibility.
Pilates was the miraculous healer, of my injured body, my ever fearful mind and my disappointed spirit and sharing its benefits around the world has become my life mission. Without Kevin Gerschefske's trust, support and loyalty, however AeroPilates would never have been born.

Today is a magnificent day, a reminder that youth and vitality is attainable no matter what your age and tomorrow I turn 60. I am celebrating my life with passion, joy, freedom, exhilaration and gratitude. Particularly for my friends, my family, my business partners, QVC, my AeroPilates customers and especially my children: Skylar and Louis whose constant bravery and creativity continues to inspire me.

I was on my way home from QVC last week, sitting in the exit row of the plane and thinking about turning 60. Many of my friends experience this monumental milestone with magnanimous trips to mountain peaks and far away lands. 

In trying to conjure up a unique experience I remembered years ago, a trip to Disney world with Tom and  my children and on the last day at Epcot, I discovered the ride called Soaring. Had it been my first day and my first ride I would never have left that line and continued to repeat the experience until it was time to go home! That day however the park was about to close so I promised I would return. 

Sitting in the plane I thought, "buy a ticket to Orlando and "soar" for a day," and then all of a sudden it occurred to me that I could actually really soar like a bird and jump out of a plane.  

On QVC this Sunday at 8am Albany and I will celebrate the last of our 5 cord fabulous AeroPilates reformers and on Monday the 5th I plan to jump out of a plane over the ocean!!.
Thank you to all of you for your trust in me over the last 19 years and let's continue together on our remarkable journey towards health, happiness, freedom and joy. 

The Mighty Body Band

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Two years ago I was introduced to Miguel Latronica who invented the Mighty Body Band, a unique device that allows you to hang your body in the air while you stretch tone and strengthen every muscle.
The whole experience is uniquely special, making it possible for example to get deep into a tight hip joint, stretch all the attachment fibers and yet feel safe and protected form injury.
I bought my Mighty Body Band and had it installed to hang from my ceiling. I also went to Chicago to study the system and became so enamored that I suggested to him that he build a portable version for home use.
This week Miguel is launching his first home version, the Might Body Band Lite on QVC and I highly recommend that you watch the show with physiotherapist Maureen Salomon and Kerstin Lindquist on 4/16 at 10am to see if this is something you may want to add to your AeroPilates Studio.
Attached to any door you can experience the amazing benefits.
Every morning I hang upside down to lengthen my spine and often after my AeroPilates workout I perform the hamstring stretch in the MBB to get deep into my hips and releaser my lower back.
As you know I rarely recommend other fitness products but this is one you should at least consider.

My new wicking garden beds

Sunday, March 23, 2014
I had the chance this weekend to escape to the Cape where finally the snow has melted and the bulbs I planted, hundreds of last fall, are beginning to poke through. Other than a few straggling oak leaves the yard looks great and I can't wait to plant my vegetables. 
This year, inspired by my older sister who lives in Australia where the concern for water is extreme, I plan to build wicking beds.
I found 8'x3' corrugated iron, horse troughs and bought 5 of them. The plan is to create a water reservoir in the bottom with gravel and cloth and then add the amended organic soil on the top. 
These beds will only need to be watered once a week and will encourage deep root growth and stronger plants. I will videotape the building of them this week and add them to my Video Fitness Club.
I plan to allocate vegetable varietals to each one and would love to hear your recommendations. Trough 1 is definitely for sweet potatoes and creamy yellow types like Yukon gold.
Trough 2 will have kale, swiss chard, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage
Trough 3 dedicated to salads and herbs
Trough 4 for tomatoes, cukes and peppers
Trough 5 is undetermined???
……….email me at 
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