Lower back pain gets us all sometime; so try AeroPilates to prevent it

Posted by Marjolein Brugman on Monday, January 4, 2016

Your AeroPilates reformer becomes your best friend in safely preventing back pain and injury.

A regular workout will retrain your body to utilize your core, stabilizing muscles correctly before and during any movement. Every exercise will help to keep your spine, joints and muscles supple while strengthening your deeper postural muscles to create a long, lithe and strong body; ready for all and any activity at any time.

If you only have a few minutes and have concerns about your back perform the following movements:

* Warm-up Footwork to rebalance your pelvis, wake up your core and realign your spine.

* The Hundred to strengthen all your core stabilizing muscles from top to toe and get oxygen into your blood

* Leg Lowers to lengthen your hamstrings while stabilizing your pelvis

* Elephant to actively elongate your hamstrings, stretch your lower back and awaken your pelvic floor

* Eves Lunge with a side Bend to stretch your deep hip muscles and increase your back bending range


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