Why you need a stand for your AeroPilates machine

Posted by Marjolein Brugman on Wednesday, June 8, 2016
The original reformers that were designed by Joe Pilates were like tables, on legs off the ground so that he could comfortably work with his students.
Our original machines were on the ground, for easy storage.

Years later we realized however that many home users struggled with getting up and down to the floor due to weak back muscles, bad knees, balance concerns and a weak core so we introduced the AeroPilates stand.
The stand is as equally portable as the reformer, arriving in 7 parts: 4 long bars and 3 sets of feet which easily clip together safely and securely. 
Your AeroPilates reformer simply sits on the top raising it off the ground 10-12 inches and making alighting the machine a much easier task.
Over the years despite all the various machine SKU's, our design team has been able to simplify stands to a large one and a medium one.
If you have any concerns or questions about which stand you need for your machine please use the following chart

Medium Stand (QVC Item #F8542)

QVC Item #F0349 (Stamina #55-4270)

QVC Item #F09175 (55-4271)

QVC Item #F09664 (Stamina #55-4272)

QVC Item #F8411 (Stamina #55-4285)

QVC Item #F0411 (Stamina #55-4298)

QVC Item #F7110 (Stamina #55-4299)

QVC Item #F11356 (Stamina #55-4354)


Large Stand (QVC Item #F29525/F150431)

QVC Item #F0406 (Stamina #55-4700)

QVC Item #F09090 (Stamina #55-5000)

QVC Item #F09066 (Stamina #55-5000)

QVC Item #F11135 (Stamina #55-5000)

QVC Item #F09610 (Stamina #55-5001)

QVC Item #F09663 (Stamina #55-5002)

QVC Item #F11358 (Stamina #55-5003)

I highly recommend the stand especially if you don't have to fold your machine after every use.


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