Pilates And Marjolein Are Amazing

I have suffered with back and neck pain for years . I was desperate for relief and decided to give AeroPilates a try. I began using it but didn't see total relief right away. I didn't know why I was still in pain so I decided to contact Marjolein for help.  She was so kind to actually call me at home and talk with me for a good length of time. I was so touched by her caring generosity in being so openly helpful to me.

I practice Pilates every day and I can truly experience and enjoy the wonderful benefits of this machine as it has kept my posture in form and my muscles strong. I am now much more flexible and live in less pain. To this day I am so grateful to Marjolein for her ability to reach out and be so gracious in caring about my problem. She makes you feel like you've been friends for years, even if she's only communicating via email. I am so thankful every day for my Pilates machine and for knowing Marjolein and I will never forget her generosity.

Thank you,