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One Legged Success

As a recent leg amputee, I was searching for an exercise regimen to regain my strength and stamina while waiting for my prosthesis. Having decided on the Aero Pilates machine, I'm beginning to feel the rewards after just one week. It has been very difficult to find an exercise format that is not affected by my one-leggedness, but this one really fits the bill. I don't have to worry about losing my balance, or otherwise hurting myself. I love that a head-to-toe work out can be done with minimal positional change!

- Walter

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Changing my Life

I've just got back to regular exercise on my machine again after having the plate and pins out of my ankle. With AeroPilates I can finally work out without pain in my leg the next day and I am slowly seeing definition in the tops of my arms for the first time in years! It is also helping in relation to Cholesterol. With Pilates exercises and diet I have been able to reduce my Cholesterol with out pills and lost 2lbs in a week.
Have a lovely day

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Zest for Life!

I have to thank you so much for this machine and the DVD’s - you have, quite literally, changed my life. I am 50 years old, disabled and largely housebound; making it impossible to exercise easily. When I first started I weighed 244 lbs and had a 47” waist! Now, four months later, I weigh 178 lbs and have a 32” waist. I feel better than I have for twenty years or more and the improvements in my core strength are helping me to deal with the day to day issues of living with my disability. I find I have more energy and have even regained some of my zest for life!



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Pilates Gave Me Great Legs

I am 77 years of age and had a hip replacement one year ago. After the surgery, I purchased the AeroPilates reformer because the doctor said it would be o.k. to try out. I started in with the leg exercises in order to strengthen the muscles in my legs. At this point I have legs most 30 year old women would envy and their strength is amazing. Before I started with Pilates I had to take medication several times a day for arthritis. Now I take absolutely no medication whatsoever. I have no pain at all and can walk with no difficulty. My hip replacement is working perfectly, principally because I have worked so hard on my legs.

Thank you!!!


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Regain Your Life with Pilates

I had bilateral hip replacement two years ago, and after seeing you, I knew that pilates would be the right way for me to build strength back. After only four months I was able to do my belly dancing again,  I can wiggle those hips again and I find myself laughing with fun! I would just like to say that all things come when we need them and your being on QVC just gave me an answer! I love doing Aeropilates, it feels good to by body, but most of all it feels good to my spirit. You changed my life Marjolein!

Gratefully yours,


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