Good Balance is a key component to wellbeing

"Having good balance means being able to control and maintain your body’s position comfortably—whether you are walking, climbing stairs, standing, or even sitting still".

To feel stable and maintain good balance requires muscular strength, coordination and awareness of your body in space. Most traditional exercise programs address muscles one group at a time without considering that your whole body needs to work together in response to your vision, hearing, feeling and proprioception. Errors in any of these sensory systems can provide inaccurate information to your brain and mess with your balance.

Fortunately Aeropilates teaches your body how to respond; starting with strong stabilizing muscles that then allow your arms and legs to move appropriately, your posture to be aligned and your balance to remain in tact.

This month we have added the AeroPilates pole to the box along with a workout that takes your reformer program to another level focusing on better balance. Being able to stand and work out simulates real life since we are mostly mobile and rarely stationary. For example, doing side splits with the help of the pole will retrain your proprioceptive ability as well as strengthen the deeper spinal muscles that allow you to maintain balance while moving.

USA Today recently published an article sharing that after 40 most people begin to lose their balance: a combination of diminished sensory messaging as well as weakening stabilizing muscles. Falls are the leading cause of injuries—including fatal injuries—for people older than 65. As falling becomes a more concerning problem it is important to reestablish and maintain your confidence as you walk, run, climb, stand and work. Do not ignore chronic balance issues like dizziness and vertigo but if your goal is to stay strong as you get older I know you will love the new Pole workout included in our beautiful January promotion on QVC January 14th at 1am, 7am, and 8pm..