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Please go ahead and view our introduction to the Video Fitness Club! more

Strap length confusion on the AeroPilates reformer is demystified

Category: Fact or Fiction
The straps on your AeroPilates reformer are the direct connection of your major muscles, via your feet and hands, to the resistance bands so they need to be the right length to maximize the benefit of the exercise.
The most common customer service question is about how to adjust the straps on your AeroPilates reformer correctly. more

The 10 minute revival workout

Category: Wellness Wise
If you truly only have a few minutes I recommend that you perform the following exercises on your AeroPilates machine to restore your balance, posture and form. more

My Journey To Wellness

Two years ago I was introduced to Miguel Latronica who invented the Mighty Body Band, a unique device that allows you to hang your body in the air while you stretch tone and strengthen every muscle.
The whole experience is uniquely special, making it possible for example to get deep into a tight hip joint, stretch all the attachment fibers and yet feel safe and protected form injury.
I bought my Mighty Body Band and had it installed to hang from my ceiling. I also went to Chicago to study the system and became so enamored that I suggested to him that he build a portable version for home use.
This week Miguel is launching his first home version, the Might Body Band Lite on QVC and I highly recommend that you watch the show with physiotherapist Maureen Salomon and Kerstin Lindquist on 4/16 at 10am to see if this is something you may want to add to your AeroPilates Studio.
Attached to any door you can experience the amazing benefits.
Every morning I hang upside down to lengthen my spine and often after my AeroPilates workout I perform the hamstring stretch in the MBB to get deep into my hips and releaser my lower back.
As you know I rarely recommend other fitness products but this is one you should at least consider. more
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