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Belly fat and stress

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Will AeroPilates remove your belly fat?
Not only by the very nature of jumping on your AeroPilates reformer and using every abdominal muscle but also because regular use has proven to reduce stress by 58%. more

Motion Sickness and AeroPilates

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Very occasionally one in thousands of customers might write to me about feeling slightly dizzy while jumping on their AeroPilates reformer. more

Marjolein's Thoughts

Last week we launched a new 4 cord reformer in the most beautiful spring colors; only soft lavender, and creamy butter on the black frame remain. 2 more shows this weekend 4/18 at 1am and 7pm will probably sell the rest of the stock and we will need to get inspired with new summer colors. 

The notion that color on fitness machines might enhance one's motivation to work out was first discussed last year and has proven to be absolutely real. Feel free to share your ideas.

Why not have beautiful reformers? It reminded me of the very first reformer I ever bought back in 1995; a big, expensive, commercial machine that took up the entire spare bedroom but it was peach colored and I loved it.

I still have it as a relic in my attic but never use it now in favor of my smaller, more compact yet equally effective AeroPIlates reformer. The rebounder is the innovative key to a workout unsurpassed. 

Spring is a great time to reform your body, mind and soul. Just like the trees, birds and flowers that return to life after the winter hibernation we should do the same.

 May 1st is my 61st birthday so for me this is always the time to reevaluate everything and this year I am considering the following:
* a new dress form to drape fabric and create some fanciful summer dresses
* drinking lemon water every morning
* weekly infrared sauna sessions
* lighter, less cooked food
* longer breaks from alcohol/wine
* varying my movement programs
* juicing
* planting my vegetable garden
* re-roofing the house
* playing more tennis
* seeing more theater
* planning summer concerts
* drinking more fresh herbal tea

I would be honored if you will also share your spring tips for a lighter life. more
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