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Please go ahead and view our introduction to the Video Fitness Club! more

Lower back and hip pain is mostly from a tight Psoas and Piriformis

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Can you fix your lower back pain easily on your AeroPilates reformer by paying attention to the tightness of the  Psoas and the Piriformis muscles ? YES YES YES.... more

The 10 minute revival workout

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If you truly only have a few minutes I recommend that you perform the following exercises on your AeroPilates machine to restore your balance, posture and form. more

My Journey To Wellness

My sister Marieke is visiting me from Australia where she teaches and practices yoga daily.
With my regular AeroPilates routine I have somehow overlooked the benefits of yoga on my mind, body and spirit but this week she has been teaching every morning and I have been awed by the profound way in which I can see with an inner eye, the intricacies of how my body responds to the gentle stretching and nurturing of the different asanas.
Working on a reformer in a sense replaces the need to look internally. The support of the platform while lying down and the alignment of my body as I push away from the foot bar does the work for me. In yoga as I assume a position I need to become vigilantly aware of what I am doing so as not to injure myself in the way that my girl friend did today by over stretching from an incorrect position.
Like the floor mat Pilates routine, yoga leaves you to protect your body by mindfully paying attention to how it feels as you prepare and perform each move.
Perhaps this is why I love the reformer so is simply safer and much more fun. more
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