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Marjolein's Thoughts

I am in AUSTRALIA visiting my son who chose last year to attend an amazing boarding school in the beautiful Victorian mountains, called Timertop.

After living in a very basic unit with 15 other lads, chopping wood daily for the hot water burner, scrubbing their own toilets and hiking 100 miles across the Aussie bush all year he, needless to say, bonded with his mates and wanted to stay.

"Proud", is an understatement of how I feel about him and now the next unbearable decision....should he stay or should he come home to finish high school at one of the all time great Cambridge schools?

While I missed him terribly  I believe it is my job to make my kid's dreams come true. As when Skye asked if she could go to Tawain to become a tea ceremony master I barely blinked and said, "yes".

My Dad is turning 92 this week and has over the last months, since he left Massachusetts, been feeling poorly.

I learned something amazing about aging this week when I got to spend a couple of days in my old bed. It didn't take long for him to perk up, stand taller, loose his raspy voice and feel way less pain. Having me around filled the loneliness void, left, after my Mum passed. 

My oh my how easily the mind sets the tone for the body. A few mornings of Pilates, a couple of fun dinners filled with old friends and laughter, some walks to the park and many bear hugs transformed him into the 70 year old he was only months earlier.

It's a lesson in mind over matter and while we all learn to take loneliness in our stride as we age, make sure you stay firm in the resolve that a little gentle movement and a few good friends can keep you feeling younger and healthier than you ever thought possible.

I fly home Tuesday straight to QVC for my airings on the 14th at 1 am and 8 pm. That gorgeous 4 cord pastel lilac or cream reformer is going quickly so don't wait if you want to unleash your younger, fresher body for the summer.

if you've read this and have some motivating insights to share I hope you call in to the shows and talk to me. 

PS they say New England is finally warm and sunny.....I'll have to see it to believe it.
Oh and by the way Happy Mother's Day to all women who nurture and love anyone. more
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