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Is the Warm-up Footwork essential for correct muscle recruitment and removing lower back and knee pain?

The Aeropilates reformer is the most protective yet versatile way to retrain your body to recruit the correct muscles for every movement we make throughout our busy day from lying in bed, sitting in a chair to lifting, gardening and extreme athletic performance. more

Discovering your Powerhouse

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Joe Pilates recognized the importance of a strong core. He aptly named it your Powerhouse. Your core or Powerhouse includes the abdomen, lower back and pelvis and all the muscles that help to stabilize and move these body parts.

In his method of training called contrology, he focused on the correct use of these essential core muscles throughout every entire exercise so as to maintain appropriate positioning of the body while other muscles are activated.

When your core muscles are strong and educated they know exactly what to do to stabilize your lower back, pelvis and spine while you move your arms and legs.

Without this body awareness you become prone to injury and a weak core is mostly the explanation for lower back pain. more

My Journey To Wellness

Hola from sunny Mexico.

You probably know that my son Louis chose to spend the year in Australia attending an incredibly life-changing out back program and so in the blink of an eye I suddenly had more time.

I also turned 60 so inadvertently it naturally became a time for more reflection.

This has occurred in many ways: physically I have had to revisit the consequences of the old injury that occurred in the accident I had back in 1995. 

The impact of the car severley tilted and twisted my pelvis and shattered the top of my femur. Without AeroPilates I would not be as active as I am today however the imbalance caused by lower body muscles trying to compensate finally took its toll. 

Fortunately my reformer is my best teacher. With vigilant focus on symmetry and balance during every exercise I have an even deeper sense of body awareness than ever, discovering weak and tight muscles and mechanical imbalances that to the naked eye are invisible. 

Over the next 12 months I plan to concentrate on writing about the subtle brilliance of Joe Pilates's reformer work to help you improve your movement patterns so as to age without pain.

I am in Mexico for a month so of course I brought my AeroPilates reformer with me! While there are a few Pilates mat classes in the area there is no-one with a reformer. People are fascinated and impressed with the workout and mostly with how they feel after. 

I am relaxing, writing the LighterLiving Lessons book I promised to write years ago and working on new ways to make your AeroPilates workout more accessible and fun.

I will be on QVC in the UK at the end of December with an AeroPilates TSV and in the US Jan 3rd at 11pm with a brand new peacock blue option.

I hope you all have wonderful holidays and stay tuned for my newsletter and 2015 schedule.

Con Cuidado (with care)
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