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We found this great article on the Sleep Solutions site and wanted to share it with you.

With summer on the way, many older women are actually dreading the approach of warmer weather.  The reason is that they’re dealing with the symptoms of menopause.  Hot flashes can make sleeping difficult even in colder weather, but as it gets warmer, that particular symptom can be even more troublesome.  

Could it be the pillow you use or the mattress surface you sleep on? more

Marjolein's Thoughts

There is much information about the benefits of eight hours of sleep and more written about the consequences of its lack.
We all know that exercise helps to keep out bodies in top form however nothing helps more than a good night's sleep. AeroPilates is proven to reform your body and de-stress your mind but what is the point if you miss out on the restoration of bones, muscles and mind that occurs while sleeping?
Menopause can be a grave cause of insomnia but maybe it is simply your pillow.
Mostly when shopping for a pillow one looks for comfort. I have seen people in the pillow store try to place their head on the pillow, looking to feel their head sink in and while it is important that your 10 pound head feels nurtured it is more important that the vertebrae in your neck curve have a surface to support them or else they deflect to find one; causing stiffness, tightness and pain.
Very few pillows both cradle and support while remaining consistent throughout the night as you move in your sleep.
Finally the european company Dormeo found a way to combine the airiness and support of a traditional spring with the coziness of memory foam to create the brilliantly patented Octaspring.
Each Octaspring is a honeycomb shaped unit which moves, deflects, supports and dissipates air consistently and reliably.
Imagine the outer edges of your pillow made with a row of slightly firmer octasprings and the inner section made with rows of softer more pliable octasprings to provide the perfect surface for your head to sink and your neck to be cradled. The result is a pillow made up of 35 foam springs perfectly placed to conform to your body as you unconsciously move throughout the night. 
If you suspect that your pillow may be affecting the quality of your sleep I recommend that you use the 30 day money back guarentee offered by QVC to give it a go. more
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