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Marjolein's Thoughts

The long snowy, blustery, cold winter, devoid of sunshine has left most of us in the Northeast, with the blahs.
Yesterday, I awoke early to flurries of more snow and I remembered that the only one who could lift my spirits was me, so I donned my snow boots and made the trek out to the Boston waterfront to the Institute of Contemporary Art looking for some inspiration.
An eye opening exhibition of southern artists who probably had no formal training and were most likely socially marginalized, it allowed me to explore the relationship between my own desire to make art and what is commonly recognized as acceptable modern art expression. Aren't we all artists configuring our minds, bodies, souls and lives to tell our story?
The exhibition culled together black culture and history with a naive rawness that one sees in children's art and it revived my confidence to try again.
I left feeling freshly excited and rejuvenated and today with the sun finally shining I am carrying the feeling forward into hopes of Spring and Summer blossoming.
It is experiences such as this that we must engage in often. To wonder about what stands in the way of living a creative and extraordinary life is essential in order to be happy.
Next week on Tuesday night I will again be on QVC at 7pm and it makes me ponder how one more time I might be able to make a unique difference? 
My life coach once said that "the only thing that prevents one from living the dream is the conversations we are afraid to have."
Rosalee Brown says, "summer bodies are made in the winter." Hmm!
So what are you waiting for? What conversations are you avoiding? What stands in your way of expressing yourself? What are you afraid of and what have you got to lose?
Can you live your dream? Of course you can: first you have to identify it, speak it, then make a commitment to attain it and lastly, simply take one step towards making it happen.
If a happier, healthier body is your dream then please try AeroPilates. One month and I promise an enormous change in how you approach your life.
There is no other program in my opinion that takes care of my mind, my body and soul like this one.
Share your thoughts and watch me on Tuesday night with Dan Wheeler; call in to share and inspire and let's see if we can't all get one step closer to living our dream.
Springtime cannot come soon enough so let's be ready to emerge. more
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