Sciatica the most pesky lower back problem

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Can you fix your Sciatica easily on your AeroPilates reformer by paying attention and stretching out the tightness of your Psoas and the Piriformis muscles ? YES YES YES.... more

Why would you choose the 5 cord reformer over the others?

Category: Fact or Fiction


People  ask me all the time which AeroPilates reformer to buy and my answer is always thesame.

Everyone of our great machines functions the same way to give you amazinglyefficient toning, sculpting, strengthening and weight loss even though they areeach unique in their width or number of cords. more

Motion Sickness and AeroPilates

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Very occasionally one in thousands of customers might write to me about feeling slightly dizzy while jumping on their AeroPilates reformer. more

Marjolein's Thoughts

My long time girl friend Diane shared her passion about a new business venture, recently founded by Tara who has sold over 15 million sets of her Temptations stoneware on QVC. I have been admiring her beautifully hand crafted line of affordable, oven to table, all temperature kitchen ware for over 13 years. 

Excitingly Tara is expanding her home shopping business model to include direct selling of a new kitchenware line through the most congenial venue: the 'at home gathering'

Imagine a fun ladies night out with all your friends; drinking, dining, cooking, laughing and chatting. You get to use, see and experience the dishes and inspire your guests to buy. The shopping is easy and efficient; done quickly on line and a week later the swag arrives at their home. 

I attended one such party and was immediately moved to throw the next one. In exchange I was gifted free dishes. WOW! The stoneware is pretty yet practical and I love how it transitions seamlessly from the fridge to the oven to the table. It reminds me of the Tupperware parties my Mum used to have in the early 60's in Australia and it inspired me to consider Tara at Home as another way to fulfill my mission to empower women all over the world to feel more confident, accomplished, independent and worthwhile.

As women most of us love to congregate with friends and family to share food and create memories.

Tara's intention is exactly that: to bring friends and family together around the table and since we all do this everyday any way, why not earn some money at the same time?

When I perform AeroPIlates I know many people say' "OK for you, you are fit...I could never get my feet up there!". Quickly you learn that once you try it is easier than you thought. The same is true of running your own business. The company offers tons of support in training and marketing and provides a back office to help you track your orders. And the cost to join is less than the value of the dishes you are gifted. 

Maybe it is time for you to consider a new project and if this has peeked your interest please reach out to me at and let's get together and create new ways to better your life filling it with more success and financial freedom.

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