How the most important nutrient for life may be poisoning you. Water is it the staff of life?

Posted by Marjolein Brugman on Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"We are not destroying our water; but we are rendering it unusable, which amounts to the same thing",Nor Any Drop to Drink, William Ashworth.

Water covers 72% of the world. While occasionally a hot topic in the news I believe that the toxic levels of heavy metals and drugs found in most city water supplies as well as the pollution of our international waters is seriously over looked.

In my practice I have seen case after case of people suffering from inexplicable symptoms, which later are determined to be caused by drinking toxic water.

Audrey, who is 66 years old, has spent the last 4 years of her life trying to explain her debilitating fatigue, unbearable dizziness, serious memory loss and irritating bouts of hives. Despite her extremely active lifestyle not one of the many doctors she saw was able to diagnose her disease. She came to us and after reviewing the masses of testing results we decided to check her urine for heavy metals and chemicals. As predicted her results showed extremely elevated levels of antimony and lead. We recommended that she have her well water tested and begin to use bottled water instead and suggested a reverse osmosis filter in her home to treat the water she used for washing. She also added an ozone pool filter. We treated her with a total body detoxification program and today she feels much better.

Despite the occasional smell, Randy was hugely attracted to the property he bought in the high desert of San Miguel, Mexico early 2005. He assumed it was from the chicken slaughter house situated 2000 yards across the street and quickly discovered that the chicken farmer used harsh chemicals to clean his coops after each kill. He employed environmental engineers to investigate a possible leak from surrounding polluted aquifers that could be polluting his well water supply. My friends Robin and Evelyn own a property about a mile from the coops on the other side of the road were also suddenly concerned. What happened??????????

We don't realize how important water really is. Our body cannot live for long without it and is actually composed 60% to 70% of water and every function it performs takes place in water. Without the regular replenishment of fresh water your body recycles dirty water bathing your cells and organs in waste and toxins. Water makes up your lymph, your blood and is a necessary part of removing waste out of your body.

Drinking fresh clean water is imperative but the source needs to be carefully considered. It is shocking to learn that prescription drugs, synthetic chemicals from consumer products such as shampoos, perfumes and soaps are appearing in our drinking water. These products contain toxic phthalates that are linked to reproductive problems in humans and wildlife. My local river, a mere mile from my house in the mountains of Massachusetts was recently polluted by General Electric Ordinance Factories and research showed that male fish were feminized. We found toads with an odd number of toes and multiple tails. The river is currently being cleaned and reclaimed but sadly it has lost its wild landscape and rural charm.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has exposed their concern, but what is being done? As a precaution I highly recommend that all of my patients use reverse osmosis filters in their homes to avoid being effected by these damaging contaminants. We always discuss "acceptable levels of this and that", but when you add it all up, it could equal levels leading to "toxic overload" and it is proven that these poisons can effect our mood, hormones, immune system, speed up memory loss and brain damage, cause birth defects and cancer.

There are four main groups of water contaminants. They include:

Microbial Pathogens - that get into the rivers from animals that are grazing on abutting land. These disease producing micro organisms, such as giardia lambilia, viruses and parasites can easily make you very sick.

Organics including toxic chemicals such as Trihalomthanes, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, gasoline, fuels, solvents, and VOCs-volatile organic chemicals, such as benzene, trichloroethylene, toluene and vinyl chloride which come from fertilizers and products used to protect produce.

Inorganic contaminants include toxic metals like arsenic, barium, chromium, lead, mercury and silver. Also nitrate, found in mineral deposits, fertilizers, sewage, and animal wastes.

Radioactive Elements- Radon, a radioactive contaminant that results from the decay of uranium in soils and rocks. Usually more of a health concern when it enters a home as a gas.

You need to drink plenty of water especially if your urine is dark, concentrated and smelly or you exercise and sweat excessively. Be sure however not to drink more than causes you to urinate more than once every 2 hours.

Your body uses water to breathe

As you breathe your lungs remove toxins and oxygenate your lymph and blood which is largely made of water. Clean water is essential for lung health.

Your body needs water to regulate body temperature

Water regulates your body temperature through perspiration. Sweating keeps your body from overheating during exercise and in hot weather.

Your brain needs water to think clearly

Your brain is made up of about 90% water and when you are well hydrated, you will notice an increase in clarity in thinking. Depression, headaches, memory loss and chronic fatigue syndrome are frequent symptoms of dehydration.

Your heart needs water to circulate blood efficiently

Made up of 75% water and your blood is 85% water, good hydration increases the efficiency of your cardiovascular system.

You need water to digest food and lose weight

Water carries nutrients to the cells and allows food to properly digest. Water is essential to any weight loss plan. Studies have shown that a decrease in water actually causes fat deposits to increase! Here's why: the kidneys can't function properly without enough water. When the kidneys don't work to capacity some of their load is dumped into the liver whose primary function is to change stored fat into usable energy. That load may contain toxins and poisons that we were not able to flush out of the body. The liver stops metabolizing fat and it becomes stored in the body. For every 25 pounds that you exceed your body weight you should increase your daily water intake by one eight ounce glass.

Your bones and joints need water

Your bones are 22% water, your muscles 75% water. Water also lubricates your joints and keeps the connective tissue around your joints elastic allowing for ease of movement. If you are experiencing pain in your joints, try drinking more water.

Your spine needs water

The vertebrate in your spine depend upon the hydraulic properties of water to move. The water stored in the spinal disc core supports 75% of your upper body weight.

To make sure that the water you take in is clean follow the following rules:

  • Drink from glass containers, not plastic and make sure our tap water is properly treated.
  • Filter your tap water and do not trust the purity of water treatment plants
  • Make sure your plumbing is replaced and does not contain lead or copper
  • Test your well water to be sure it is safe

Learn more: Is Your Water Drinkable or Your Food Edible?

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