When your digestion fails, lethargy sets in

Since 70% of your immune system raised in your intestines I cannot emphasize enough the important of gut health especially around the holidays.

It doesn't really matter what you to eat, albeit one hopes you will try your darnedest to make smart choices, but the following tips might help to keep you feeling strong and healthy during these stressful holiday months.

+ Chew your food slowly well. The longer it mixes with saliva the more easily it will digest

+ If you suffer from indigestion adding apple cider vinegar to your meal will help as will activated charcoal after you finish.

+ Avoid drinking too much water during the meal as it will dilute the enzyme action in your stomach

+ Freshly grated ginger tea is a soothing remedy for bloating and gas. 

+ Take a live combination of probiotics found in the refrigerator section of your health food store

+ Drink Kombucha, a cultured probiotic tea

+ Magnesium taken at night will not only induce sleep but will help to prevent constipation.

+ Don't forgo your regular exercise program if you want to manage your weight and improve your health.

Joseph Pilates also recognized the importance of healthy digestion and developed a series of reformer movements specifically designed to massage the abdominal cavity and improve elimination. It is called the Stomach Massage series and when performed daily you will benefit from better nutrient absorption and more efficient toxin removal.

Often performed incorrectly this Video will guide you.