Meet the Founder

Marjolein Brugman

Marjolein Brugman is the Founder of lighterliving™, a natural lifestyle brand that offers simple wellness solutions to women who, like her, are experiencing the changes that come with age but want to improve the outcome. She is also responsible for developing the first home reformer and making “Pilates” mainstream via her unique AeroPilates brand. She is a wellness and fitness innovator who has spent the last 15 years consulting and guiding women worldwide.  


“Lighter Living is a movement and lifestyle choice we can all make.  Let’s make it simple – make one decision a day to be better and watch the small steps lead to big changes. Eat smart, stay active, and you’ll live to feel a lighter life." 


Armed with her age defying protocol Marjolein is committed to sharing her secrets to staying healthy and youthful: eating healthfully, keeping active, having fun and living a longer and lighter life. Marjolein has identified that total wellness; your best age defying tool, requires a connection between positive thoughts, a strong body and an open spirit and lighterliving™ provides the information, advice and effective products, a woman needs to help her ride an age defying journey to wellness.  On her website,, she is joined by a strong peer community of founding women and scientific experts, creating a unique place for women to interact with her as well as with each other as they navigate this unchartered time in their lives. 

photos by Mitch Weiss

photos by Mitch Weiss

lighterliving™ addresses all aspects of a woman's life: what she eats, how she moves and what she does to feed her soul. She cares deeply about how a woman feels and thinks and her dedication to the understanding of total body fitness, via postural health, combined with her vast teacher training makes her the perfect mentor for women of her generation.  


The decision to launch lighterliving™ grew out of her passion to share her story with others: that being well is simple, that we can do it ourselves and that aging is an empowering transition that can be graceful and elegant.  Her goal is to make all women feel empowered and beautiful through sound information, great products and simple solutions for a simpler and lighter life.