Cryotherapy just got better

Acute injuries create a predictable inflammatory response: redness and heat from an immediate increase in blood flow, nerve compression which causes pain and an increase of white blood cells which causes the swelling. 

The first thing we do is rush to the freezer to grab that trusty bag of peas which we apply to the injury because we all learned that RICE is best: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

For the first 72 hours; 10-20 minutes every hour is the correct protocol to absorb the heat, reduce the swelling and mitigate the pain.

But if you have children then I’m sure you have experienced fierce resistance to the application of a hard, wet, cold, messy and uncomfortable ice pack?

A few years ago I was introduced to PARADICE; a soft, pliable, dry, comfortable ice pack simulated to act like a bag of frozen peas but without the mess.

You will never need nor want any other Ice Pack and a day does not go by without my using it: for a headache, to reduce puffy eyes, relieve sore muscles, soothe a dodgy knee or simply to feel cooler on a very hot summer night.