Why do I need a reformer

AeroPilates: Mat v. Reformer Pilates

Joseph Pilates developed his practice to be performed on many apparatuses, the most common of which are the mat and the reformer. Both forms build strength, tone your body, improve your mental clarity and teach you how to use your breath. But there are some key differences between the two you should be aware of before you choose one route over the other. 

  • Variations

First off, with a mat, there’s approximately 50 exercises you can perform. On a reformer, there over 300 exercises you can do! If you feel like you’ve plateaued on a mat or you know you’re the type of person that gets bored, a reformer may be the way to go.

With AeroPilates, you also have the added benefit of low-impact cardio, which is performed with the Cardio Rebounder, something that’s not available on other brands of home reformers.

  • Progression/difficulty

In addition to more exercises, a Pilates reformer also lets you progress at a steadier pace than on a mat because you can customize the resistance. If you want to increase the strength in your mobilizing muscles, then you add cords. If you want to focus on strengthening your core, simply reduce the number of cords. The ability to customize your workout depending on your energy level and fitness goals makes the reformer a more beneficial for beginners.

Mat Pilates only utilizes your bodyweight, which means there’s less options for modification. Even more, mat Pilates is difficult for beginners. It requires the core strength and flexibility of an advanced practitioner to do correctly. When Joe Pilates taught his students, he would never have expected them to perform floor exercises before first training them on the reformer.

  • Affordability

Although a Pilates reformer will challenge and intrigue you more than mat Pilates, there’s no comparison when it comes to price, unfortunately. A mat will always be more affordable than a Pilates reformer.

The good news is that home reformer costs have dropped thousands of dollars since the 90s. If you’ve been attending studio reformer classes, investing in a home reformer will pay for itself in no time. And with many educational and workout DVDs, you’ll have access to the same workouts. Ultimately, it’s all relative to what you have or haven’t already spent on your Pilates practice.

  • Space/portability

Finally, another factor you have to consider is space and portability. Finding a place to practice on a mat is easy; you can bring a mat anywhere. But many home reformers are also convenient! For example, AeroPilates reformers are foldable and easy to transport. This makes Pilates possible for those who don’t have a dedicated workout area.

Overall, there’s perks to both forms of Pilates, but I will tell you that’s there’s nothing more comprehensive and fun than an AeroPilates unit. AeroPilates has created a full body, infallible system including instruction, nutrition, cardio vascular training and motivational support on a reformer that is easy to set up, portable to move, super effective and very fun to use. Whether you’re new to Pilates or already a practitioner, an AeroPilates reformer is the best investment you can make for the whole family to improve your body, mind and overall health.