Aeropilates can heal your hands

There are many painful conditions that restrict normal hand use mostly, from repetitive misalignment between the wrist, elbow and shoulder causing inflammation in the wrist or fingers and or impingement in the upper spine and neck of the nerves that feed the arms and hands.

These conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist, arthritis and osteoarthritis in the thumbs and fingers, tendonitis, ganglion cysts and hand neuropathy from nerve damage. 

The key to restoring hand function and preventing hand pain is to become aware of how you use your hands especially in repetitive movement and pay attention to the alignment of your wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Ice the swollen area.

Warmths is good to ease the pain

Take an anti-inflammatory if necessary.

If Typing keep elbows in close to your body and hands at the same height as your forearms.

When performing Aeropilates exercises that put pressure on the hands as in Elephant, make sure the thumbs and fingers are on the same side of the bar.

When pulling a rolling suitcase make sure that your arm is internally rotated so that your hand grabs the handle from the underside.

Avoid the same movement over and over when cooking, stirring, gardening, painting and working.

Stretch your hands regularly by grasping them together and rolling the grasped hands towards you then stretching out the arms. 

With arms outstretched forward flex the hands to stretch the forearm. 

Gently stretch the thumb.