Skin Brushing for glowing skin and improved detoxification

Have you heard about about brushing your dry skin daily before showering, with a natural bristle brush to move lymph, increase blood circulation, reduce cellulite, prevent in grown hairs, release endorphins and create beautiful, glowing skin?

Your skin is your largest detoxification organ, and it is an important barrier to toxins in the environment. It is estimated that one-third of daily impurities in your body are excreted through the skin. As we age, our bodies become less effective at shedding the outer layers of dead skin cells which should be 40,000 cells per day! Exfoliated, fresh skin absorbs oxygen and nutrients more efficiently and encourages better toxin elimination with improved cell renewal.

Dry brushing the skin is easy to add to your daily wellness regimen to improve immunity and stimulate the nervous and digestive systems. It will improve blood circulation and improve muscle tone. It aids in the removal of toxins, exfoliates to make your skin feel new and appear to glow. Dry brushing is one of the easiest techniques you can add to your daily regime for the maximum benefits!

I use my Infra red sauna 3 days a week for 40 minutes and before I begin to sweat I use my favorite dry skin brush; although for my back and legs I prefer the longer handled brush.

  1. Brush dry skin with a soft natural bristle brush every day

  2. Always brush towards the heart starting at the sloes of the feet and moving up towards the heart.

  3. Brush with medium firm stroke that feel good and release endorphins.

  4. Brush front and back. You may spend a few extra stokes on rougher areas like elbows or heels.

  5. Brush upwards and inwards spending extra time on the arm pits and inner thighs; the areas with the most lymph nodes.

  6. Never brush face nor neck

  7. Avoid open sores

  8. Don’t share your brush

  9. Drink water afterwards to promote detoxification.