My Creative Journey: Part 2 Sewing

I was the middle one of 3 girls. My mother was very traditionally Dutch. She believed that we should all learn to play piano, cook and sew. At age 6 she sent me off every Saturday morning to her best friend, Nancy Grant. Nancy was an enormously talented baker, chef and seamstress who taught me how to cut patterns, use a sewing machine and make my own clothes.

In high school I was a science major, and later became a math, science and biology teacher. I was apparently never interested in drawing or painting but my best friends were artists or musicians and  I was drawn to those more creative and inspired thinkers.

In the UK I worked as a staticistician in Cambridge, analyzing crops and teaching farmers how to optimize their harvest and manage their land but on weekends I visited London galleries and museums.

While my European parents shared their love of theater, music, food and culture they did not cover their walls in art nor adorn their mantle with sculpture however I have been a prolific collector for many years. People buy art for many reasons and for me it is an emotional decision to surround myself in beauty and creativity, usually inspired by artists that I know and love.

When I later moved to New York I studied at the Embroiderers Guild of America and there I met Rhett Delford-Brown who would forever change my life.


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