Eating quality food is absolutely the key to reducing the risk of cancer as we age

 I went to the doctor today for my annual checkup. She was too kind: said I looked great, complimented me on the state of my internal tissues, bone density and vitals!

She convinced me to get a mammogram this year since it has been 5 years, warning me with such confidence that the benefit of finding a breast cancer early marks the difference between living a long life and dying prematurely.

I promised to schedule it immediately and did.

We lamented about aging but expounded the virtues of good diet and regular healthy exercise. We laughed about being 63 but feeling 25.

And we spoke at length about the importance of eating quality of food versus counting the calories and fat when it comes to disease and weight gain. This is what I want to share today.

Science has proven that obesity absolutely increases the risk of cancer of the kidney, breast, pancreas, esophagus, colon and uterus. Recently scientist have created a new measure for food: DED (dietary energy density), the ratio of the calories or energy of a food compared to its nutrients. The recent research looked at how eating food changed risk for cancer. Foods with more calories per gram of weight have a higher DED and foods with loads of nutrients packed into few calories are low in DED's. You have to eat an awful lot of pizza to get the nutrients you need!

Studies show that eating high DED foods increases risk of obesity related cancer by 10%, regardless of your weight; that weight management alone does not protect against obesity related cancer. Gaining weight is not the sole reason that women are more at risk.

The answer is to choose to eat low DED food even if you have a healthy weight.

I recommend low fat organic healthy protein, unsaturated fats, organic greens and fruits and high fiber nuts and seeds. You will always feel full and energetic and you will lower your risk of developing cancer at any age.