My Creative Journey: Part 1 Landscape

It was 1973 and I was 19. My then boyfriend David introduced me to his cousin Jeremy whose father was a well known Australian painter, at an opening featuring his work. Memorized by the depiction of familiar countryside I bought my very first oil painting; a 10"x8" landscape of nearby hills and trees, painted by Peter Glass.  

Across the Park, Lower Eltham

Across the Park, Lower Eltham


I proudly hung my newly acquired art on the wall of my College dorm room and years later when I left Australia to live in England the painting came with me. Today it hangs in the hall along side many other beautiful landscapes that I have collected.

I never again returned to my homeland to live and that painting has comforted me for over 40 years, reminding me of where I was born and the beautiful Australian bush. When I look at it I can smell the gum leaves, hear the sound of the running creek and feel the flies buzzing around my head.