Summer is lost without Strawberries

Strawberries are the essence of every summer. 

Not only are they juicy, sweet and delicious, they contain a unique combination of antioxidants that heal wounds, build immunity and improve brain health.


They are fun to grow and make a pretty addition to any pot or garden row.

They need lots of sun and water but good drainage.

As they grow I cut back most of the runners to save energy for larger fruit.

To prevent aphids I plant marigolds and I pick the fruit as soon as it is ripe to save them from the birds and bunnies.

At the end of the summer I collect the runners, plant them in a pot and rotate the crop next year.

Remember that fresh strawberries freeze well. I place just enough in bags so as to defrost one at a time to use in a smoothie or my favorite Strawberry Spinach Salad where I replace the white sugar with Xylitol, the white vinegar with Apple Cider vinegar I use red onion.