Its a brand New Year; Welcome 2019

Dear Lighterliving Lifers

2018 was an enlightening year; 12 months of many personal changes and challenging decisions only made even more palatable by a last minute celebration of Aeropilates to launch on HSN.

I always expected that I would retire at 65.

In April my son Louis turned 18 and in August he left for college. Suddenly my dream to spend winter in a more temperate clime became an actual possibility.

My Dad’s apparent last trip over the summer, a few other less obvious finalities and a couple of soft shows at QVC seemed to suggest it might be that “ time”; the moment to pursue more art, my garden, my writing and to nurture and cultivate my 4th act.

Gorgeous Shauna has stepped up to inspire all of us with new and different Aeropilates routines, witnessed in our on line Video on Demand series. Her fabulous Stott training makes her an admirable addition to the AeroPilates family. My 100+ lessons in the Lighterliving Essential Video Library will continue to be available as we avidly work on an app, amongst other ways to keep you all motivated and excited.

I am always available to consult over the phone with anyone who wants guidance on how to EAT, MOVE and FEEL and if you have a simple question am available via email at

I’m sure everyone knows that for many years the two prominent US shopping channels, QVC and HSN were very competitive with totally individual loyalists, not often willing to cross over and shop on both. This past year a very exciting thing happened; the two merged to form one united company.

With 6 million viewers, QVC far exceeded the 2 million on HSN but they each prided themselves on their unique selling approach, varied customers and individual styles. The 2018 merger, while totally unexpected is a wonderfully refreshing opportunity for many of us to motivate new and uniquely different viewers on the benefits of our brand. I love my QVC followers, am so grateful for 22 years of support, loyalty, honesty and learning. I am hoping that you will follow me on HSN while remaining loyal to the QVC offers that will air with Shauna.

New Year’s Eve is my time for reflection. I take a moment to review the people places and events that made the last year special, the lessons I have learned, the challenges I overcame and the accomplishments I achieved. I often set new intentions for the year to come.

My intentions for 2019…..

To make a difference in hundreds of thousands more lives; encouraging hope, motivating self awareness, teaching the simple rules of living a lighter life and sharing the strength of self conviction and trust in the Universe.

I love you all so much and very much look forward to reaping the rewards of our avid self preservation and unconditional love.

Happy New Year. Wishing you all a year filled with blessings, health, happiness and joy.