My Creative Journey: Part 2 Sewing

I was the middle one of 3 girls. My mother was very traditionally dutch. She believed that we should all learn to play piano, cook and sew. At age 6 she sent me off every Saturday morning to her best friend, Nancy Grant. Nancy was an enormously talented baker, chef and seamstress who taught me how to cut patterns, use a sewing machine and make my own clothes.

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Easy living despite the Chaos

Research has linked bad diet and stressful lifestyle habits to all the chronic, debilitating, degenerative diseases that make up today’s world health crisis. When I was in my 20’s I lived in Boston where the Kushi Institute touted the benefits of a macrobiotic lifestyle to create extraordinary health of mind, body and soul.

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Why do I need a reformer

Joseph Pilates developed his practice to be performed on many apparatuses, the most common of which are the mat and the reformer. Both forms build strength, tone your body, improve your mental clarity and teach you how to use your breath. But there are some key differences between the two you should be aware of before you choose one route over the other. 

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